Evidence shown in court during the Inquests’ oral hearings will be linked to from this page. The sorts of materials that we expect to be posted here are documents, photographs, plans and statements that have been shown in court as evidence. These materials will be restricted to the specific evidential documents that are shown in court.

The Coroner, His Honour Sir Peter Thornton QC has no objection to the material posted on the Inquests’ website being reproduced for the purpose of reporting on the proceedings. Material taken from the website should be credited appropriately so that it is clear that it has been shown in open court as part of the Inquests’ proceedings. The credit should read: “Evidence shown in the Birmingham Inquests (1974) and reproduced from www.birminghaminquests1974.org.uk”. It is the responsibility of the individual and/or organisation reproducing material to ensure they are satisfied that any matters relating to copyright have been addressed properly.

Evidence Archive
Evidence from Week Six 1 April – 5 April 2019

Evidence from Week Five 25 March – 29 March 2019

Evidence from Week Four 18 March – 22 March 2019

Evidence from Week Three 11 March – 15 March 2019

Evidence from Week Two 4 March – 8 March 2019

Evidence from Week One 25 February – 1 March 2019