Interested Persons and Legal Representatives

Jurisdiction: Birmingham & Solihull Areas

Coroner for the Birmingham Inquests (1974): His Honour Sir Peter Thornton QC

Interested Persons pursuant to section 47 Coroners and Justice Act 2009

NameLegal Representative
Julie Hambleton (Maxine Hambleton deceased)Leslie Thomas QC and KRW Solicitors
William Craig (James Craig deceased)
Paul Thrupp (Trevor George Thrupp deceased)
Paul Rowlands (John Rowlands deceased)
Paul Bodman (Stanley Bodman deceased)
Paul Bridgewater and Michelle Sealey (Paul Anthony Davis deceased)
Claire Luckman (Lynn Bennett deceased)
George Jones (John Clifford Jones deceased)
Pauline Neville (Pamela Joan Palmer deceased)
The family of Neil Marsh (Neil (Tommy) Marsh deceased)
Sean Reilly (Eugene Thomas Reilly and Desmond William Reilly deceased)Heather Williams QC (Counsel), Elkan Abrahamson (Jackson Canter) and Nicola Brook (Jackson Cantor)
Chief Constable of West Midlands PoliceJeremy Johnson QC (Counsel) and Lisa-Marie Smith (Legal Director WMP)
Brian Davis (Jane Elizabeth Davis deceased)Jackson Canter

*Her Majesty’s Government is not an Interested Person but is represented in the proceedings by Samantha Leek QC and the Government Legal Department.